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  • Infospace Technologies has extended its service in Dubai, Kuwait
  • Infospace Technologies has become technical partner with SriTech
  • Infospace Technologies has started a Print & Media division
  • Infospace Technologies successfully completed application oriented sites for few Prestigious Clients in India and USA.
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    The software industry had matured a lot and the technologies were improving, yet all around us we saw dissatisfied and unhappy customers and staff of software vendors. The software vendors were not really looking after their key stakeholders and were not delivering solutions with the primary focus on improving the customers' situation.

    We saw an opportunity to provide expert software development services if we focused on real outcomes for clients and maintained a highly skilled and well motivated team. So we established Infospace Technologies and decided .Net and PHP are the best technologies to provide flexibility to customers and allow them to maintain control of their own technology environments. INFOSPACE working on other strategies to implement rest of the platform in their future.

    We were quickly rewarded with two very important clients and we have continued to grow. We now provide software development services to both the domestic and International markets.

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