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    • Infospace Technologies has extended its service in Dubai, Kuwait
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    • Infospace Technologies successfully completed application oriented sites for few Prestigious Clients in India and USA.

    MS SQL Server


    The primary focus of today's IT systems is deriving information from collections of data, and several technologies exist for this purpose. With SQL Server 2005, we get all the modern analytical technologies, from basic reporting, through OLAP systems, to data mining applications. SQL Server 2005 is a powerful tool for turning your enterprise data into a competitive advantage. Industry-leading support for enterprise data management, developer productivity, and business intelligence includes all the functionality customers expect from an enterprise-class database management system. Learn more about the hundreds of features added or updated in SQL Server 2005 SQL Server 2005 provides many new and enhanced BI features designed to give you a competitive advantage - for example, SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services and Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager. SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services delivers enterprise, Web-enabled reporting functionality so you can create reports that draw content from a variety of data sources, publish reports in various formats, and centrally manage security and subscriptions.

    • Ensure business continuity with the highest levels of system availability through technologies that protect your data against costly human errors and minimize disaster recovery downtime.
    • Deliver an infrastructure that can grow with your business and has a proven record in handling today's large amounts of data and most critical enterprise workloads.
    • Provide a secure environment to address privacy and compliance requirements with built-in features that protect your data against unauthorized access.
    • Manage your infrastructure with automated diagnostics, tuning, and configuration to reduce operational costs while reducing maintenance and easily managing very large amounts of data.
    • Build and deploy critical business-ready applications more quickly by improving developer productivity and reducing project life cycle times.
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