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    Latest News
    • Infospace Technologies has extended its service in Dubai, Kuwait
    • Infospace Technologies has become technical partner with SriTech
    • Infospace Technologies has started a Print & Media division
    • Infospace Technologies successfully completed application oriented sites for few Prestigious Clients in India and USA.



    Linux is a true 32-bit operating system that runs on a variety of different platforms, including Intel, Sparc, Alpha, and Power-PC (on some of these platforms, such as Alpha, Linux is actually 64-bit).

    • Monolithic kernel (but well-defined interface)
    • Multi-tasking
    • Multi-user capability
    • Multi-processing Support (since 2.0)
    • Architecture Independence (PCs, Alpha, Sparc.)
    • Demand loaded executables (on fork, shared address space and copy-on-write)
    • 4K Pages, demand-paging with memory protection
    • Dynamic size for disk cache
    • Shared Libraries (dll)
    • Support for POSIX standard
    • Several Executables formats
    • Several Files Systems (Ext2)
    • Several network protocols
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