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    .NET presents us with a new platform designed to facilitate development of interoperable Web applications, based on a totally new architecture. .NET is a new way of "programming the Web". Microsoft points out that tools and assistants to help with migration will be provided with the .NET platform. However, we do not feel that this is an ideal solution, for various reasons. Firstly, migration assistants can never carry out 100% of the modifications necessary. Consequently, it would be advisable to devote sufficient time and resources to this migration. Secondly, transforming a Visual Basic application into ASP.NET/VB.NET will not automatically make it a .NET application. It will in all likelihood be necessary to alter the application architecture, so as to benefit fully from the new possibilities offered by .NET.


    .NET Features and Benefits - An Overview:

    • NET brings about a whole new user experience.
    • It makes mobile devices, connectivity and information a lot more accessible and easy to handle.
    • NET is meant to transform software into Web services, all accessible over the Net via a variety of Internet devices-not just or primarily through a PC.
    • Users will be able to provide input via handwriting, speech,and vision technologies.Their data will live securely on the Internet so that they can access it from their PCs at work and at home,via their cell phones or pagers,PDAs,and even from the combination of pager/cell phone/PDA-PC device that's on the horizon.
    • Applications will be able to gracefully adapt the functionality they offer to the limitations and opportunities presented by the device with which the user is interacting. Applications will be able to act on a user's behalf,based on a predefined set of preferences and directives.
    • All of this works together to make users significantly more productive in their use of computing technologies.
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